Back in the cold dark days of February, young CALE AUSTIN warmed the soul world with his gentle ‘Whisper’. It was sweet and lovely and we learned that Cale had obvious music in his DNA. He’s the nephew of both Jeff Guishard of Hi Tension and junglist artist Stevie Hyper D. We also discovered that between his university lectures and what have you, Cale was taken in to the studio by Jeff to record ‘Whisper’. Helping out were more Hi Tension alumni, guitarist Paul Philips and keyboard player Mike Tauben.

And, yes, we say this long and often – but you just can’t keep a good tune down and consequently ‘Whisper’ is back with us in a fresh, summery mix – “the Soul Boys Riddim” mix. At the mixing desk for this was aforementioned Hi Tension honcho, Paul Phillips and he gives the song a whole new twist. The vocal remains lithe and soulful  but the whole track has a very special upbeat feel to it! Lively and with a jaunty Caribbean swagger about it, the new ‘Whisper’ has summer smash written all over it! C‘mon Radio 2 get behind this one!