Last year a reconstituted WEATHER GIRLS made a great comeback with the lovely ‘Cheek To Cheek’. The duo now consists of Dynelle Rhodes (daughter of original member Izora Rhodes) and gospel diva Dorrey Lyles who joined in 2009. (Check out her fab, solo ‘My Realized Dream’, by the way).

We were told that the Girls were working on an album with Cool Million and the first fruit of that collaboration has just been released on Cool Million’s Sed Soul label in the form of a wonderful single, ‘Stand Up’. Rob Hardt is the producer and together with Dynelle and Dorrey they craft a tune that offers everything that is so damn good in modern soul. I can offer no greater recommendation for this ‘Stand Up’ than by comparing it to the great days of the Ann Nesby/Jam/Lewis Sounds Of Blackness… yes, it’s that good. It’s our single of the week…if not of the month!