CITRUS SUN are a loose and lovely UK soul and jazz and funk band that at times features the mighty talents of guitar man Jim Mullen. A certain Bluey Mauncik is big fan of the band and of Jim’s and back in 2014 he produced their lovely ‘People Of Tomorrow’ album.

Its seems that new-ish kids on the block Blue Lab Beats are fans too. The team have just remixed one of the band’s key tracks…. ‘Calling Mr Wolf’. In its original incarnation it was a loping jazz groove now the Blue Lab boys take it in a whole new direction and add the free styling Cassie Rytz to give the thing a very, very contemporary flavour. Sure, it has an unusual feel but you know it has real, quirky, wide appeal…..it has a  jazz groove, modern soul beats and the crazy Cassie on top of it all!