Latest musical foray for busy Scottish soul man JOSEPH MALIK is a collaboration with his old pal, STEVEN CHRISTIE. The pair have been working collectively off and on for something like 30 years and recently completed a mini album together. It’s called ‘Till Sunday’ and it’s already garnering air play and critical approval.

Get the flavour via the lead single – a haunting, sombre country-tinged ‘Justify Me’ which features guest vocals from Nicole Cassandra Smit., The song comes in three mixes with the ‘Take 1 Re-Rub’ paying homage to 60s and 70s Southern soul. Produced by Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris and Jo Wallace. it features muted trumpets, faint handclaps, an eerie Hammond and mournful country piano

‘Justify Me’ (all three mixes) will be available from November 19th via Ramrock Records.