CARMEN JACKSON is a Detroit soul and jazz singer with quite a pedigree. Her uncle was the legendary jazz vibes man, Milt Jackson and her father was the percussionist Manley Jackson. Both gave Carmen every encouragement to pursue a music career.

For many years now she’s been a mainstay on the Detroit jazz circuit but right now she’s busy promoting her single, ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ . Our super soul sleuths have discovered that the song was originally released in 2018. Ms  Jackson says she created it on the back of a complicated relationship. She says: “I wrote this song, because I was in love at the time and was in 7 years too deep, so I needed to know ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ and not waste any more time, because it’s so precious!”. Many will know where she’s coming from there!

Whatever, it seems that the song is enjoying a new lease of life Stateside amongst the savvy soul and jazz community. Easy to hear why. The cut is a real builder which, after a somewhat low key start, really takes flight… great soul vocal and great jazzy instrumentation. Out now!