Proving the old adage that great songs just refuse to go away, Blue Magic’s classic 1973 outing ‘Look Me Up’ has just been tastefully resurrected by CAPTAIN SKY.

You’ll remember that the good captain is the musical alter ego of Chicago soul/funkster singer/bassist Daryl Cameron. You might also know he’s a real veteran even meriting a name-check in the Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rappers Delight’!

Right now our man’s working on an album, ‘All Of The Above’, from which this new version of ‘Look Me Up’ comes. It’s just a great tune and the Capt. doesn’t take too many liberties. The vocal is a little grittier than Ted Mills’ original falsetto but all the essential, irresistible 70s Philly dance flourishes are in there. Nostalgia never sounded so good! Out now!