This summer Marvin Gaye’s evergreen ‘What’s Going On’ was magically revived by a star-studded ensemble that included Cool Million’s Rob Hardt, soul master Marc Staggers, soulstress Miracle Thomas, the UK’s Michelle Lawson, singer/ songwriter David A. Tobin, guitarist/vocalist/producer Randy Hall, Dynelle “Weather Girl” Rhodes, horn man/producer Toddi Reed, soul diva Terri Green and indie soul man Cornell CC Carter! Just like the original all those years ago this new ‘What’s Going On’ offered impact, provocation and a soulful beauty in equal measures and, as important, some of the proceeds were donated to the Black Lives Matters campaign.

The ravages of the current pandemic have actually made the song much more relevant as people, worldwide, really do want to know what exactly is going on. Consequently, the team behind the summer 2020 version of ‘What’s Going On’ have commissioned a new remix. The job was given to master mixer Frank Blythe and his 4Q remix re-imagines the classic without sacrificing any of the impact or haunting beauty. A percussive intro, a slightly faster tempo, an edgy and shifting backing track but the same superb soulful vocals from the team combine to make the song really work for these troubled times… a ‘What’s Going On’ for Winter 2020. Out now