‘What Turns You On’ is a cute, new soul song from a Brit soul new comer LUKAS SETTO…. or is he a newcomer? Our spies tell us that Mr Setto has previously worked under the names Lee Henry and Jadan Lee and the Stanmore College music graduate has form as a remixer under the moniker Tru Menace.

Whatever, ‘What Turns You On’ is the debut single from “Lukas Setto” and while you’re listening you’d be forgiven to thinking that you’d stumbled across an outtake from Maxwell’s ‘Urban Hang Suite’ – the song is stuffed with references to ‘Ascension … Don’t Ever Wonder’… yes, it’s good and no surprise that Lukas/Lee/Jadan cites Maxwell as a key influence.

LUKAS SETTO: ‘What Turns You On’ is out now on Insane Records