Been a while but great to have dance diva/soulstress JOYCE SIMS back with some new music… well not quite “new”. You see Ms S has just released an ab fab version of Bobby Caldwell’s 1978 smooth soul classic ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ and as you’d expect from someone of Joyce’s experience, she absolutely nails it!

Produced by the UK’s Frank Blythe, this new treatment is a perfect soul dancer – deep bass lines, tight beats and a disco shimmer. Joyce says: “I had the pleasure of working with UK producer Frank Blythe on my new recording. It’s a Bobby Caldwell cover. The lyrics are so powerful and real. I love the line: “In my world only you make me do for love what I would not do”, and you won’t be surprised to learn that Joyce delivers that with real conviction.

If you fancy a very different version of the song and have the time, try to locate Tess Henley’s slowed down, jazzy take… lovely.  In the meantime, Joyce Sims’ What You Won’t Do For Love’ is good to go right now!