Back in 2020 the ever dependable MARC STAGGERS released his version of Burt Bacharach’s ‘What The World Needs Now’ and if you’re a soul radio listener you may have heard it played out a number of times this week. The message is, of course, in the music but somehow I don’t think a certain Russian would have been listening!

As a reflection of what is going on, DSG Records have reissued  this ‘What The World Needs Now’. You may know that the mix comes courtesy of Nigel Lowis and Marc and Nigel  don’t stray too far from the version that Luther Vandross recorded back in 1994 on his ‘Songs’ album. It’s a lovely tune, a lovely sentiment and Marc delivers with sincerity. For sure, it won’t help the poor beleaguered Ukrainians but it might help us reflect a little more while we hope and pray