BIG L is the stage name of 22-year-old Michigan State University college student, Larry Roy Sumner. He explains the shorter moniker thus: “I got the name when I was around 9 years old. My mother and father had always called me ‘Little Man’. At one point we were moving and my dad said ‘If you can move this mattress by yourself I’ll call you Big Man from now on.’ I ended up picking up the mattress and moved it to the desired location and thus earned the name ‘Big Man’. Through the years it just gradually morphed into Big l!”

Fascinating… but more importantly, Larry was a gifted child gospel singer and after seeing the wonderful movie ‘Ray’ he decided to make making music his career and after a tough apprenticeship he’s just released his first single – a wonderful and remarkably mature ballad, ‘If I Knew Then’ . It is a gorgeous, proper soul tune and though it’s nothing like ‘Me And Mrs Jones’ that’s what it reminds me of… sensual, atmospheric, lovely! It’s out now on Angel Dove Entertainment