Busy Bee, GEORGIE B, yes, he of the Groove Association, reaped plenty of success with the late 2020 album ‘It’s Been So Long’. Since then, our man’s remixed some of the key tracks and enjoyed chart placings with the new tweaks. What’s more the remixes sparked more interest in the original LP which climbed back up the UK soul album charts… so there you go!

As we’ve just said Georgie is a busy little bee and he’s just released another remix from that chart riding album. This time the tune is the lovely ‘What Goes Around’ which is now given a joyous, carnival feel (think I can hear some steel pans in there!). The lovely cover adds to the air of optimism that the song delivers. No coincidence then that this remix (only available via the Groove Association web site) is dubbed the “Joy” remix. Out now!