It was 2019 when we were first introduced to the talents of FRANCISCA THOMAS – the soul singing wife of soul singing Kenny Thomas. Her song ‘Clouds In My Mirror’ turned plenty of heads and the follow up ‘Fall Into My Love’ did her plenty of favours too. It was produced by Bluey Maunick, so little wonder it had a real Incognito feel about it. And there’s a touch of the soulful/jazzy Incognito sound on her latest release – a cover of the Van Hunt song, ‘What Can I Say’, though Bluey isn’t directly involved here.

Francisca’s ‘What Can I Say’ comes in five mixes and is being billed as an EP. Sir Piers (Piers Penfold to his mum and dad) is in the producer’s chair this time around and he and Francisca give the song a sweet up-tempo make over. Her light sensitive voice is perfect for the dreamy lyrics …. You know stuff like “She sleep with the moonlight under her head. With the clouds to keep her warm.Far from the noise of the world below. She comes to me in my dreams -Like a love song. And I awake only to hear her go”.

Piers uses his usual “curious” handle to label three of the tweaks – the 12”, the “club” and the “radio” – all essentially different timed edits. Then there’s the “Zion” mix – in two different iterations, they’re a little more intriguing than the “curious” mixes. All very interesting and they show why Mrs T was such a star in her native South Africa.

The EP is released on the 12th March on Splash Records.