Multi-faceted, soul collective BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS are gearing up to release a new long player…‘Intuition’. (art work above) The album, their  first long player since their 6th album ‘Stay Good’ in 2019 sees BFE, “lay out their new ‘all killer no filler’ long player across eight tracks of laid back grooves and arrangements that still remain cool, steady and easy.”. Well, that’s what their PR people say.

In truth, the album’s first three  lead off singles, ‘Scream’.  ‘AA Side’ and ‘How Happy’ really do bear out that PR speak, as too does the new band’s new single – an energetic, 70s flavoured romp ‘Rollin’ (Love Will Be Here)’ . Ever-dependable Alison Limerick delivers with her customary commitment while  the band (Desmond Foster (guitar, vocals), Ebba Âsman (trombone, backing vocals), Hux Nettermalm (drums, percussion), Kristoffer Wallman (keys, vibraphone and synths) and bandleader Lati Kronlund (bass, guitars, keys and producer) deliver a confident and vibrant backdrop which recalls the tight vibes laid down by people like the Ohio Players, the SOS Band and Roy Ayers.

‘Rollin’ (Love Will Be Here)’ is out now via Dorado Records while the ‘Intuition’ LP is pencilled in for a May 5th release. To support the album BFE will be performing at the Jazz Café London May 10th and Blues Kitchen Manchester May 11th.

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