The latest compilation from Germany’s resourceful TRAMP RECORDS is an esoteric 15 tracker jazz retrospective, ‘Peace Chant’.

The music on the album spans some 50 years with the oldest cut being a gentle 1963 ‘Mozambique’ from the Luna Brothers Trio. Very much a timepiece, the Luna Brothers, like most of the artists here were never major league players, but that, of course, doesn’t make their music any less worthwhile.

Other cuts that stand out are the ‘Black Bandit’ from the Nu Art Quartet (pleasing soul-jazz), the funky ‘Abeba’ from the Mabon Dawud Quintet and the 70s style, Herbie Mann-flavoured ‘Peace Chant’ by Walt Bolen; that’s the one that gives the album it’s titling.

‘Peace Chant’ is released on Tramp Records on June 3rd and comes as a double vinyl album and on CD.