BOBBY BAZINI (pictured) is a new name to us but we’re currently enjoying his latest single, ‘Waterfallin’’. Our research has revealed that Mr B is a French/Canadian singer/songwriter who’s been around for ten years or so and he’s released four albums – with  the fifth, ‘Pearl’ pencilled in for an August release.

The quirky, building  and dramatic ‘Waterfallin’’ is the album heralding single and was inspired when working with album producer Connor Seidel. Siedel was playing a series of chords on a  nylon strung guitar  and, Bobby says: “Something in the way he played on the nylon guitar made me think of a waterfall. I immediately started singing the melody ‘Oh you’re waterfallin’’ thinking of how I felt in that moment. We were both in this creative zone, writing almost every day. My head was constantly searching for ideas and songs. The only thing I could compare it to in that moment was a waterfall, it never stops, always flowing. Later when we recorded the song, we even went as far as trying to replicate the sound of a waterfall with a lot of the instruments like the harp, and piano. The more the song evolves, the more the waterfall loses control.’’

BOBBY BAZINI: ‘Waterfallin’’ released April 14th Album, ‘‘Pearl’ released August 25th via Spectra Records.