Jean Carn’s ‘Was That All It Was’ is one of THE great soul anthems and it would take someone very brave to cover it. Well step up to the plate DJ SPEN and his Quantize team!

Mr Spen’s soul roots are in the wonderful Philly sounds of the 70s and 80s and so, drafting in JOHN MORALES, THOMMY DAVIS and vocalist RICHARD BURTON to help out, he now offers his own take on ‘Was That All It Was’… well five takes actually, if you factor in the four different mixes and the instrumental!

Spen is savvy enough not to stray too far from the original but offers some interesting new angles. The big bonus is the Teddy P sound-alike vocal of Richard Burton…. know nothing about him, but sure would like to hear more. Time wise the mixes go from six minutes to nine; that long one being the “next day vibe” mix, which, as is indicated, is heavy on the vibes –a key feature of the classic Philly sound. ‘Was That All It Was’ is shaping up to be one of the BIG summer tunes in any of the mixes! Out now.