LAMONT BUTLER is a cult soul man. He has just one album to his name, ‘It’s Time For A Change’ and over the years (you’ve guessed!), it’s become highly collectable! Acid Jazz imprint, Miles Away reissued the album in 2020 and it raised the interest level in the 71-year-old Kentucky singer.

One of the tracks which sparked plenty of interest was ‘Ungodly War’ and as is the way, Acid Jazz/Miles Away have had the tune remixed by Al Kent (the DJ/mixer of course, not the recently deceased Detroit legend!). Kent doesn’t tamper too much with the original. He tightens things up (lopping 30 seconds off the edit) and keeps all of the tough rustic passion. Lamont Butler says of the song: “People have always loved that track (Ungodly War), people would always want to talk to me about it and you know it’s more relevant now than ever before…it’s stood the test of time”.

The 7” vinyl of Lamont Butler’s ‘Ungodly War’ will be released on July 9th. The B side will be ‘Get Up And Praise The Lord’ – which was originally featured on the album.