Latest release on SPLASH MUSIC is a  pacey, dance item, ‘Dinosaur’ from SUNWALKER, the musical alter ego of Andy Richardson (aka Druw)

Richardson is probably best known as one half of the ‘The Modernists’ project that paired DRUW (Andrew Richardson) and PEREZ (Billy Reid). Hailing from London, they were the brains behind Don E’s hit ‘Bonafide’ . Druw has also worked with people like Noel McKoy, Kele Le Roc, Donna Gardier, and Allison David.

Druw/Andy/Sunwalker describes the ‘Dinosaur’ sound as ‘dinomite”! See if you agree by investigating – superficially light, this is a grower with some sweet harmonies and brass work!

We  believe that ‘Dinosaur is taken from the forthcoming album from Sunwalker  -‘The Power Inside’ released on Splash Music Productions in January 2022.