RANDY RUFFIN ( real name Randy Williams) is a US singer on a mission. You see young Randy wants to keepalive the magic and music of David Ruffin – the clue’s in the name!

Randy regularly performs tribute shows to his hero and by all account the concerts are now a big draw – sold out affairs. Randy also makes records and his latest offering is a cover of a David Ruffin song… well, there’s a  surprise!

Randy is currently offering us his interpretation of David’s classic 1975 hit ‘Walk Away From Love’. The Van McCoy production was the ex-Tempts’ only no. solo 1 R&B hit and his only solo UK chart entry and Randy treats with full respect. This new version is produced by Butch Ingram and he slows the tempo down just a touch  without losing any of the magic. It’s a big production with BVs from Carla Benson, Toni Richards, Sharon Ingram who faithfully recrate the orignals support that  came via Faith, Hope and Charity.

RANDY RUFFIN; ‘Walk Away From Love’ out now via Society Hill Records.