The KINSMAN DAZZ BAND have a long and complex history dating back to  1971 when they started as jazzers, Bell Telephunk. A link up with another Ohio band, Mother Braintree saw the formation of Kinsman Dazz – named for the Kinsman Bar (where the group became the house band) and the fusing of “dance” with “jazz”.  An invite to join Motown saw the group lose “Kinsman”; and the Dazz band were up and running! As the hits dried up and musical tastes changed, the band struggled . Personnel changes and legal disputes all took their predictable toll

Through all the changes and the roller coaster ups and downs guitarist  Michael J Calhoun was a constant and a few years back he resurrected the Kinsman Dazz Band brand and under that banner has released a series of singles like ‘Ghetto Preacher and ‘Saved’

The Kinsman Dazz Band’s latest offering is a didactic new single ‘Wake Up (The Truth)’,. The band describe it as ”a plea for us to “see what’s going on,” and to make the changes that our country and our world needs.” It’s clearly an update on the issues that Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes’ ‘Wake Up Everybody’ highlighted. Lead vocal’s down to gospel star Eddie B Sands while  the art work (above) reflects the song’s theme. Out now!