We’ve enjoyed plenty of great, new soul this year and by common consent one of the best long players has been KATHY KOSINS’ Uncovered Soul’. With production from Kemau Kenyatta and extra input from Paul Randolph, the album was an intriguing mix of well-chosen covers and on point originals.

One of the covers was a moody reading of the Neville Brothers’ New Orleans classic ‘Voodoo’ and Kathy and her team loved the song so much that they’ve gone and subtly re-written and re-recorded it as ‘Put The Voodoo on Me’…. and it’s a proper soul delight with funky bass lines, a melodic groove and a biting guitar. Cleverly the team retain all the sinister menace of the original.

Credited to Kathy Kosins & The Detroit Memphis Experience, it’s the musical equivalent of the classic New Orleans gumbo stew…. a dash of Louisiana swamp music, a sprinkle of Detroit sophistication and a garnish of Southern soul… tasty!