The wonderfully-named VINYL SOUL is an independent Neo-Latin soul band based in Hollywood. In February they will be releasing their 15 track debut album entitled ‘Dream’ and their story gives a measure of hope for all indie soul bands looking for that special break….
The band was formed in 2005 when guitarist NAMBO met up with singer JOHN PATRICK; they formed VINYL SOUL and worked out their musical ideas and sound. Then in 2008 they took a huge gamble when they decided to relocate to Japan to try their luck. There, they played small clubs and even busked outside subway stations. Chance bought them a television debut on one of Japans biggest networks which was then followed by a full spread in ‘Metropolis Magazine’, Japan’s #1 magazine for foreigners. That article led to a meeting with the commanding officer of Atsugi American Navy Base in Japan who offered them several gigs including the opportunity to perform at Atsugi’s ‘Cherry Blossom Festival’ in front of 30,000 people. A band video won VINYL SOUL a chance to compete in the ‘Vive tu Musica’ battle of the bands competition in Los Angeles. Fired up, the band won that particular battle and with it, the prize – 32 hours of studio recording time. The result is a 15 track album entitled ‘Dream’ which will is released on February 26. Full review on very soon.