Proper lovers of the good groove might know about Italian music makers, Soul Basement – the brainchild of musician/songwriter/producer FABIO PUGLISI. Right now Fabio is working on a slightly different project – he’s mentoring another band, BROOKLYN BRIDGE. He  tells  us that their debut album, ‘Here Now’ is “a sort of smooth jazz record”. However, listening to the 8 tracker reveals that the music is far from ”smooth”. Indeed there’s some serious jazz going on here – but if pushed to categorize, you might well call Brooklyn Bridge’s sound “jazz fusion”.

That’s evident from the start as the album opens with a tough ‘In Our Lifetime’ which kicks off with a fierce popping, bass line in the manner of, say, Marcus Miller. Then a meandering horn sets sail supported by  tinkling keys and intricate drum patterns – yes far from “smooth”. And that’s repeated across the album –  lengthy tracks (the shortest is just over five and half minutes long) that open in one gear before taking flight leading to all sorts of places.

The Bridge team (Bruno Ceretto – Saxophone ; Fabio Puglisi – Piano & Keyboards; Massimo Battista – Bass; and Matteo “Matteuccio” Ceretto: Drums) cite their influences as bands like Weather Report and the  Yellowjackets which might give you an idea as to where they’re coming from.

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