US soul and funk singer VICKI ANDERSON has died. Reports confirm that Vicki, best known for her sterling work  with James Brown, died on Tuesday, July 4th. She was 83 and the news was reported by her goddaughter Margie Randle who posted: “A large part of my heart is missing my Godmother Vicki Anderson Byrd my bestie my sidekick. It’s going to be hard walking past your bedroom and you are not there the selfish part of me wanted you not to go but God was ready for his Angel to come home what a beautiful reunion with your husband Bobby Byrd and James”

Born in Houston, Texas, Ms Anderson (birth name, Myra Barnes) joined the  James Brown revue in 1965 and stayed with the Godfather, off and on , for almost ten years. During that time she met and married band mate, Bobby Byrd. Her own 1970 solo single, ‘Message From A Soul Sister’ is revered by funk collectors.

Vicki is, of course, the mother of Carleen Anderson and though she was never a major star in the US she was held in huge respect by the UK and European soul and funk contingent.