ANTONIO MARZINOTTO is a jazz guitarist from Venice though he regularly works in London too. He’s just launched his latest album – the gentle ‘Galleass’ – an 8 tracker whose music would be equally acceptable in a jazz concert hall and an Ibizan chill out lounge. Helping Antonio to deliver his soporific soundscapes are his regular side men – pianist Alex Hutton, bassist Miles Danso and drummer Eric Ford.

The guitarist says that the idea behind ‘Galleass’ (a “galleass” by the way is a 17th century warship!) is to take the listener between the sensuous calm of the Venice Lagoon and the discordant mayhem of London traffic. He adds his music is “a constantly variable journey.” In places (as on ‘Em Dez Minutos’) the sound might remind you of Charlie Byrd; elsewhere (try ‘Mirror Labyrinth’) the mood is more avant garde.

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