Latest album from BUTCH INGRAM’S Philly revival label, Society Hill is ‘The Men Of Society Hill’. Subtitled “the lovers’ compilation”, Butch (and the rest of the Ingram clan) have brought together a clutch of famed (some more so than others) male Philly soul men (and groups) to offer their take on the classic Philly ballad… yep, it’s sweet, sweet romance all the way…something Philadelphia was always famous for.

I’m guessing, if investigating, most soul folk will go straight for the Blue Magic track ‘I Can Show You Love’. Not sure what incarnation of Blue Magic this is but this cut is right up there with their very best…. baritone lead, tracked by that famous falsetto! Other “big” names on the 12 tracker include sometime Temptation Glenn Leonard, whose ‘Betcha Don’t Know’ shows why he was such a good Eddie Kendricks replacement in the Tempts. Then there’s (oddly) a track from Major Harris. Yes, Harris died in 2012 so don’t have too much to say about the provenance of his ‘I Love You’. It’s classic Philly though… which is true of almost everything here. Philly collectors need to check this one!