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The Stevie-penned (along with Clarence Paul and Morris Broadnax) ‘Until You Come Back To Me’ is a 24 carat soul classic. It’s been recorded and covered countless times, most famously, of course by Aretha but, though, it’s almost 60 years old, it still enchants and invites new version after new version.

The latest artist to offer an interpretation of the song is JOHN REID. Brit soul connoisseurs will know all about genial Scot, JR! He’s a  proper soul veteran who started off as a soul DJ, and then in 1992 he formed his own band, the NIGHTCRAWLERS who enjoyed plenty of action with ‘Push The Feeling’ and ‘Surrender Your Love’. John then changed tack and became a garlanded  songwriter  penning songs for a mixed bag of artists – amongst them Westlife, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis.

John was back with the  Nightcrawlers  in 2018 with a lovely 3 track EP which was followed by more quality ‘Soul Sessions’ – all collaborations with Michael J McEvoy and Ernie McKone!

McEvoy is in the producer’s chair for this fresh version of ‘Until’ and John tells us that he’d always wanted to record  it – it’s one of his favourite songs of all  time. So, what John and Mike deliver is something just a little different – an intimate, acoustic version with a semi-classical string accompaniment courtesy of the renowned Brookspeare quartet. It’s quite lovely and to all those famous names  (Luther amongst ‘em)  who’ve delivered great versions we can now add John Reid! It’s out now via Rezzonator music!

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