‘Soul United’ is the latest offering from those purveyors of quality soulful dance tunes…. LOS CHARLY’S ORCHESTRA and the cut, in my humble opinion, is one of their very best and, I need to say, a little different. The band usually plough a Latin-flavoured disco-orientated groove; but here they go back to those great days of the 70s – a period when Northern soul was still mighty strong and when clubs like the Blackpool Mecca and Manchester’s Ritz were playing sounds that laid the foundation of the “modern soul” scene. Hints of all that in ‘Soul United’; add a garnish of disco and cherry on the top in the form of a convincing vocal from Andre Espeut and you have a top dance tune.

Sadly it’s not released till 17th January as a download – with vinyl lined up for March. Put those dates in your new diary… the wait will be worth it!