We first became aware of Canadian singer/songwriter  ANGELA NASHED via her 2019 cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Mercy Mercy Me’. And good on Angela – she offered  the well known a new perspective.

Then last year Ms N returned with another beguiling single, ‘Star’ .  Self-penned , it was a smooth, sophisticated modern soul groove with a jazzy undertow. At release, we were told that the track was from an upcoming EP – well, more than 12 months down the line, said EP, ‘Unintentional’ is amongst us.

The mini album is a seven tracker, though three cuts are “interludes” – more  of that later. ‘Star’ sits sweetly amongst the new offerings and elsewhere, ‘Water’ is a neo-soul, mid-tempo groove as is ‘Impatient’ while the closing ‘Camouflage’ channels the same neo-soul vibe though it’s slower and has a dreamy quality.

Now the interludes. The jury’s out on them. Some feel they are redundant sketches while others could  claim they add to the overall atmosphere of a music collection. Thus, here, for instance, the one minute long ‘Inter-Mind’ delivers an Eastern mystical mood. Does that add to the EP’s overall feel? Make up your own mind by investigating @  https://angelanashed.bandcamp.com/album/unintentional