TITO JACKSON is readying the release of a new album, ‘Under You Spell’ – due August 6th. We’re told that the long player is Tito’s homage to the  blues and features an array of big names notably George Benson, Joe Bonamassa, Marlon Jackson, Eddie Levert, Kenny Neal, Bobby Rush and Stevie Wonder. Most of those are there on the set’s first single, the rocky, bluesy ‘Love One Another’. It features biting guitar, ad libs from brother Marlon and a Stevie Wonder harmonica sound that will surprise you.

Tito says: “Writing this song was a no brainer, because at the time there was a lot of unrest in the world, especially in America with BLM and the storming of the Capitol. Myself and my partner felt that it was a good to time to write something to tell the people to come in peace and love each other. We are better than this, this is the basic principle of the song. It’s a thing with the Jacksons that we’ve always tried to go for harmony, peace and love throughout the world and this is just another limb on that tree. ”