Earlier this month we highlighted an intriguing new album from soul-jazz guitarist U-NAM. It was a collaboration with the renowned Lutz Krajenski Big Band – hence the title – ‘U-Nam Goes Big Band’. The repertoire was a selection of 11 tunes selected by Estonian producer Mikk Targo to represent the best of his country’s musical output. Yes, it sounds odd, but it really worked with the collection properly evoking the great days of the big band and swing era.

Now the guitarist has issued four of the LP cuts on an EP in remixed format. They are  a Nu-Orleans’ remix of  ‘In the Blink Of An Eye’, a Latin flavoured ‘Miami Remix’ of ‘The One’, an electro swing mix of  ‘The World to Me’ and a ‘From Estonia with Love’ remix of the vibrant ‘The Dance Must Go On’, This latter is the only vocal cut on the EP. Featuring Christian Martinez, as the remix subtitle suggests, there’s a real James Bond cinematic flavour here.

The important thing is that Skytown Records have announced that all profits from the EP will go to aid the fight against Covid 19 and to assist virus relief charities. It’s out now.