If you like to investigate quirky covers of soul classics you may want to check out an album from Estonian jazz singer KADRI VOORAND. It’s called ‘In Duo With Mihkel Malgand’ – a concise title if ever there was one. The 12 tracker is a two hander you see. Ms Malgand handles vocals, piano, violin and various electronica while Mr Malgand takes care of bass, guitar, cello and percussion. What they produce is ultra quirky and if any envelopes needed pushing, the twosome push… and some! Song titles will confirm just that… I mean ‘I Must Stop Eating Chocolate’, ‘What If I Did Kill You’ and ‘Like Yoko And John’.

Now that cover we mentioned. It’s Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ and “different” doesn’t do it justice. Unrecognisable but interesting and intriguing – what a proper cover should be in fact! If you want to investigate the album’s out February 28th.