The Golden Rules label’s upcoming ‘The Originals 3’ album keeps delivering quality singles with two more released in the last week or so.

First up there’s a sweet and soulful ballad, ‘Since You Been Gone’ from FERNANDA VALDIVIA. Ms Valdivia hails from Southern California so little wonder there’s a definite Chicano/Low Rider vibe to her tune. It’s  full of warmth and soulful  charm and we’re not surprised to be told  that Fernanda learnt her craft in the Church!

The second new single from ‘Originals’ is very different but equally beguiling. It’s ‘’Mam Da’ana’ from Ghanian singer ALOGTE OHO who’s supported by  THE SOUNDS OF JOY Choir. ‘Mam Da’ana is a wild, groove-driven Frafra tune accompanied by a fantastic horn section. Like we said, very different,  but those with adventurous ears will  find much to enjoy!