A month or so back we recommended a tasty Latin vibe from Brazilian singer/songwriter ALICI. She now works out of New York and her (then) digital single was a beguiling ‘Can’t Keep My Plants Alive’. We said the cut was  “not quite full-on Astrud Gilberto”  but it did have that especial charm.

Well, the song is now available as a vinyl 45 – but it’s relegated to the B side with a song called ‘Frutas’ as the A side. ‘Frutas’ (Portuguese for “fruits”) is a busy beater with a meandering melody and a generous touch of exotica about it. It was recorded in analogue in Philadelphia and it’s out now on 7” (classic black and bubble-gum pink, by the way!) via Eraserhood Sound. If contemporary Latin music’s you thing you may want to investigate!