LUKAS SETTO , the man of the many aliases (Lee Henry, Jadan Lee and Tru Menace amongst them) burst upon us in January 2019 (wow, remember the good old days!) with a soul charmer,  ‘What Turns You On’.  In our elegantly-penned review we opined that the tune  was like “an outtake from Maxwell’s ‘Urban Hang Suite’ – the song is stuffed with references to ‘Ascension … Don’t Ever Wonder’… yes, it’s good!”. We later learned that Maxwell was one of Lukas’ musical heroes.

A couple of months later, master mix man Brian Power worked his magic on the tune crafting a pacey remix very different to the original – but still brimming with charm.

Now, once again, proving that you can’t keep a good tune down, the song has re-emerged in a wonderful new mix courtesy of Dario Caminita. Dario takes the tune right back into contemporary, modern soul territory. Indeed it ticks all the boxes that aficionados of the genre live for. Tight and lovely, it’s a TUNE – for sure, part of your essential summer soundtrack. Little wonder that tastemakers like Craig Charles and the Mi Soul crew are getting behind it. Hugely recommended and out today, Friday 13th.