79.5 is a New York based band named after an imaginary radio station, “79.5” – “the sound of New York City”. They’re consist of vocalist Kate Mattison singer and rapper Lola Adanna, drummer Caito Sanchez, bassist Andrew Raposo and sax player  flautist Izaak Mills. We were introduced to them earlier this year via an excellent single ‘Our Hearts Don’t Go That Way’   which was essentially  a duet between Ms Mattison and Durand Jones. We were told that the release was there to flag up a whole album and  said LP has just been released – it’s simply called ’79.5’ and it’s the band’s second full album.

The 11 tracker offers a kaleidoscope  of sounds – reflecting the fact that their mythical radio station offers all the sounds of the Big Apple … so expect psychedelia, sweet pop, rock and underground disco and a lot more. If disco dancing’s your thing then try ‘Club Level’ and ‘Feel Like Dancing’ – but those titles kind of give the game away. Soul-wise, ‘So Real’ is probably the best bet, apart, of course, from the originally released ‘Our Hearts Don’t Go That Way’ .

79.5: ’79.5’ is out now via Razor N Tape.