For the best part of this year we’ve been entertained by some fine old school, soft soul from Indonesian soul band THEE MARLOES. We’ve enjoyed their retro up-tempo tune, ‘Midnight Hotline’  which  was followed a sweet and lovely ballad, ‘Beri Cinta Waktu’  (“give love time”). Then they released another sweet, dreamy ballad, ‘Logika’ which was taken to heart by the Low Rider congregation.

The band are now preparing the release of another single – ‘True Love’. It manages to be both sultry and cool with vocalist Natassya Sianturi delivering just the right amount of sensuality without going over the top. It’s all very pleasing and there’s just a whiff of 60s spy movie soundtrack  about the affair. Oddly, like ‘Logika’, the ending is a little abrupt maybe that’s the Indonesian way!

THEE MARLOES – ‘True Love’- out early November via Big Crown Records. There’s vinyl too with the flip side being ‘Logika’.