Though she was new name to us when we covered her last single, the blue-eyed soul outing, ‘Burn The Boats’, we discovered that EMM GRYNER was something of a music biz veteran. The Canadian-Filipino singer/songwriter, it seems,  has released 20 albums and is maybe best known for her work with David Bowie. She was keyboardist in one of his many bands.

Her current music trajectory, as witnessed on ‘Burn The Boats’ takes her on a more soulful journey – confirmed by her latest single – a catchy, enigmatic ‘Jack’ . We’re told that the song is a tribute to American actor, singer and golf player Jack Wagner who, in my golfing ignorance, I’ve  never heard of! But Ms G is clearly a fan as she sings “all we need is a little more Jack”! Sonically, the song is at the pop end of the blue-eyed soul spectrum but it’s undeniably catchy and Emm’s   vocals are beguiling. It’s released March 24th via Légère Recordings and it’s taken from the upcoming LP ‘Business and Pleasure’