There have been a number of singers called CHARLIE (CHARLES) BROWN, but the one we’re interested in right now is the Charlie who works out of Philadelphia. Our Mr B was the drummer in Joe Frazier’s Knockout Band. He later became a member of the Dreamlovers, the Philadelphia recording group that recorded the background vocals on Chubby Checker’s recording of ‘The Twist’ and their own hit recording of ‘When We Get Married’.

Phase 5 Records have just issued a single on good ‘ole Charlie – ‘Trash Man Blues’. We’re told that the track is a reworking of a song that was written back in 1986 during the Philadelphia council workers strike (Remember ‘Clean Up The Ghetto’?).

Charlie has now updated it to fit in with the COVID 19 issues. “I’m tryin’ to keep this country clean ‘cos I don’t wanna get that Covid-19’! He warbles gruffly as the song recounts the difficulties of trying to keep the city clean during the pandemic. Sonically it’s a rough, tough, gritty mix of soul and blues. Out now.