London-born but Trinidad and Tobago raised soul man MATTHEW WINCHESTER is best known for his singles ‘Be My Love’, ‘This Thing Called Love’ and ‘You Make Me Say’ – all of which featured on all credible UK soul charts. He’s also collaborated with Cool Million.

Been a while since we’ve had new music from Matthew. He says that he was working on some new tunes when the pandemic hit. Indeed, he had a new song ready to go last autumn but Covid meant a delay. Mr. W is now gearing up to release that  new song… ‘Transformation’. He says: “The song is based on my own transformation journey from childhood trauma to the man I am today. The message in the song is that anything is possible, but we first have to see it in our minds before we can make it a reality. If anyone can be moved in a positive way by the message in this song, that is what a #1 song is to me.”

Sonically, ‘Transformation’ is urgent but nevertheless easy on the ear and is finally released on April 30th.