TOWER OF POWER are the latest artists to get the Warner/Rhino “5 original albums in a box treatment”. The Oakland band signed to Warner Bros in the early 70s and debuted for them with ‘Bump City’ – an LP that established them as prime purveyors of hard-driven, horn-based funk… and ‘Bump City’ is the lead off LP in this pack.

The eponymous follow up (also included here) saw TOP reinforce their status. The LP contained the still lovely ‘So Very Hard To Go’ – one of vocalist, LENNY WILLIAMS best performances and the classics ‘What Is Hip’ and ‘This Time It’s Real’. The three other LPs in set are 1974’s ‘Back To Oakland’, ‘Urban Renewal’ and ‘In The Slot’ – both from 1975. The band – founded as THE MOTOWNS by EMILIO CASTILLO back in 1967 – has been through many changes since the Warner Bros days but critics and fans alike recognize that period as their Golden Age… relive it all with this essential collection – a lovely little artefact in itself, presenting the 5 albums as mini long players complete with original sleeves.