TOUCAN is an Irish band that was created by singer/songwriter CONOR CLANCY (pictured below). To help put the band together he drafted in noted Irish arranger Martin Atkinson and soon they had what they describe as a ten piece brass and funk pop band.

Back in March, Toucan launched their debut single – a bright, breezy, brassy ‘We Fell For Miles’ which has a very special charm and a sound that I guess is best described as “Celtic soul”. The charm was obviously contagious. ‘We Fell For Miles’ hit the I-tunes Top 30, won major airplay and was a hit on Spotify – indeed it became one of Ireland’s “Viral 50”!

‘We Fell For Miles’ is definitely “good-time” music and there’s more of the same on Toucan’s just-out, 4 track self-titled EP. ‘To Be Without You’ offers the same brassy, brashness, ditto ‘Wonderful Way’. The odd one out is the EP’s closer – a mournful, melancholic ‘Gold’ on which Mr Clancy shows that like most of his countrymen he can “do lugubrious” with the very best.

The Toucan EP is out now via all the usual platforms; it’s not classic soul but it’s certainly soulful and you can investigate @