Though it was never intended as such, the release of this brand new FOUR TOPS’ DVD serves as a wonderful, if sad and untimely tribute to the late LEVI STUBBS. ‘Reach Out: Definitive Performances 1965-1973’ is in the shops from December 15th and running for a generous 115 minutes, it features 22 performance videos of the veteran group. The selected songs are by and large the foursome’s biggest hits but a 1967 take of them performing ‘In The Still Of The Night’ betrays their jazz roots. Footage is taken form a variety of sources and it’s interesting to see the transition as they move from local television shows to appearances on major, national networks. What remains constant though is the soul power of STUBBS and the overall professionalism of the group. The technology also allows you to select an a cappella audio option in order to hear the TOPS’ flawless harmonies while six bonus tracks will keep Motown collectors more than happy. The disc is enhanced with a series of interviews – not just with the group – but with Motown colleagues like MICKEY STEVENSON and SMOKEY ROBINSON (a good advert, by the way, for the perils of botox and the plastic surgeon’s knife!).The DVD is released through Universal by Historic Films on Monday 15th December.