Italian soul and jazz multi-instrumentalist ALEX PUDDU has been promising us  a new album for  some time. His people tell us that the collection, ‘Love After Dark’ , is on its way very soon. The cover’s pictured above.

In the meantime, Alex has released another single from it as a taster and what a great, little throwback groove ‘Lady Tonight’ is. We’re told that the parent album explores the nightlife of 1977-79 and early 80s disco, jazz-funk, and adult oriented soul and pop music and ‘Lady Tonight’ fits that description perfectly. It’s a stately groove which features UK studio session vocalist Simone Miller and after a classic old school intro, the cut really gets its groove on. Ms Miller delivers the goods while Signor Puddu’s instrumentation, especially the piano fills, is a delight.

ALEX PUDDU/SIMONE MILLER; ‘Lady Tonight’ out now via Al Dente.