Virginia-born and Patti Labelle-mentored MIRACLE THOMAS continues her successful liaison with Sed Soul/Cool Million’s ROB HARDT on a sweet and lovely new single, ‘If I Told You’.

The pair first worked together on last year’s star-studded version of ‘What’s Going On’, then this February Miracle and Rob crafted a lovely 90s influenced soul groove, ‘I’m All You Need’.

Their  new ‘If I Told You’ sees Miracle using her soulful and seductive vocals to get shut of her man. She sees the song’s  message as an empowering anthem for the ladies. Being a Sed Soul production, you can be sure that sonically the track ticks all the right modern soul boxes… tight 2 step beats and a vibe that marries retro flavours with a contemporary groove. The song’s delivers a sharp hook, and the melody is so, so catchy and it’s all good to go now!