Since the start of the year we’ve been tracking the progress of Liverpool’s blue-eyed soul star, M T JONES. We (and the rest of the switched-on soul media and savvy DJs too) have enjoyed a quartet of classy singles like  the gorgeous ‘I’d Be Lying’ and the equally lovely ‘In My Arms’. Both channelled that currently fashionable retro sound championed by people like the Sextones, Aaron Fraser and Durand Jones.  

Thus we’re delighted to announce that Mr J has a new single out this very day – Wednesday, 30th August and we’re equally delighted to say that this new, ‘Wasting My Time’ is probably our man’s best yet! It’s a delightful and catchy slice of feel-good soul, perfectly capturing the spirit of summer The singer says:  It’s a great feeling to enjoy the present, Everyone needs some time to forget their worries and clear their head from time to time. This song is about the joy of that feeling, be it a person who helps you get there, a cup of something, or the sky outside. It’s pure admiration for the simple things”.

Soul fans have been lucky this summer. They’ve been treated to a plethora of fine new, convincing contemporary soul. The list has just grown as we add this ab fab  ‘Wasting My Time’ to the list . MT Jones is a real contender and more proof that that, musically,  there’s more to the wonderful city of Liverpool than the Mop Tops!