THOMAS MOTTER is one of Germany’s top jazz and soul keyboardists. He’s  a regular session player and he’s also released 5 solo albums – some credited to a band that he dubbed ‘Moonbase’. And that’s a clue to his signature sound . A lot of Thomas’ music is spacey and ethereal but there’s always a soul and funk undertow – more pronounced on his latest album, ‘Time’.

The LP is an epic affair – 17 tracks with a large guest list. You see, 15 of the cuts are vocals, so Herr Motter has used his network and charm to bring in a brigade of guest singers. Soul collectors will be familiar with some of them. Biggest name is Ty Causey. He fronts a tune called ‘New Morning’ -a sweet and gentle affair. Many will know the work of Lenora Jaye too, She helps  Thomas out on the bright opener, ‘Closer 2 U’. Some might be aware of Australian singer Princess Freesia a swell – she fronts the funky, soulful ’In Time’.

The other vocal guests are new to me. Of note are Michelle Bradshaw who offers the dreamy, neo-soul, semi-spoken ‘Don’t Go Very Far’ (she’s also on ‘Not Too Long Ago’) and Jimi Carrow who shows classic soul potential on ‘Loving You Forever’ complete with an old school monologue.

THOMAS MOTTER; Time … out now.