Finland’s Timmion Records is making a real name for itself on the real soul scene. The independent music enterprise is run by Sami Kantelinen and Jukka Sarapää; and they’re also the music muscle behind The Soul Investigators as well as Cold Diamond & Mink. The Investigators are Timmion’s current house band while Diamond and Mink are the song writing/production team behind most of the label’s output. Surprisingly the label has been in business for over fifteen years and its operation has grown to include one main record label and various sub labels, an analogue 8-track recording studio as well as a world renowned facility for cutting vinyl masters.

The Timmion vinyl catalogue now has over 50 different singles and albums releases in it and right now they’re busy promoting four new (ish) releases. First up there’s Gerald McCauley’s “low-rider” soul sound, ‘Wondering’ which we featured recently in our news pages… check the archive.

Then there’s ‘This Is What Love Looks Like’ from New York soul man Carlton Jumel Smith. This is a classic old school, soul dancer with sweet horns and some gritty ‘Tighten Up’ style guitar. Third new Timmion goodie is a busy, bustling dance groove from Jonny Benavidez – more hints of ‘Tighten Up’ … hardly surprising, Jonny, like Archie Bell, is also a Texan. Deeper soul balladry is on offer on ‘Don’t Believe You Like That’ from Emilia Sisco. This fourth new promotion shows that Timmion can do the deep stuff too.

Find out more about these releases and everything Timmion has to offer @ www.timmion.com