CLASSIC TWIST is a multi-genre musical project marshalled by  R&B/jazz singer/songwriter Gene-O and based in Southern California. The  team have just launched their debut single – a heartfelt plea for love, peace and harmony, ‘Time For Change’.  

Mr O wrote the song and he says: “Every time we turn on the TV or listen to the radio, they’re talking about more division. This song, like all of the music we’re making as Classic Twist, reflects the way we live, just loving people. Love and unity form the concept of everything we’re going to do on this project. If ever the planet needed a hopeful and uplifting new anthem to inspire us to look past our differences and come together in a spirit of love, the time is now.”

Sonically, ‘Time For Change’ begins gently then builds and builds. Gene’s team tell us that the template was the classic ‘We Are The World’ and helping Gene deliver his message is star keyboardist Kevin Flournoy. (see below)

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